For the morning period

What we hope the child will acquire

Magic words ..

Baby tools for social communication with those around himاUse magic words

(Conversational etiquette)

Marvels ... It aims to provide your child with this skill in a systematic method.

Reading is the key to the mind.

The child does not need to learn letters to love reading and practice it. Rather, it is correct for him to relate to the book from a young age

Marvels has a rich library for children, weaving the first lines of love for reading through a targeted and accurate program.

Brain processes ..

The cognitive skills needed for the mental development of your child to reach a logical answer to life questions built in his early childhood years

Marvels.. Included in its program are games and activities that take care of this aspect.

How do we achieve quality in educating a child in his early years?

Our interest in all aspects of early childhood development.

Social Field

The ability to form relationships, play, collaborate, share, and form relationships.

Physical Field

Developing ‘small’, ‘large’ or ‘global’ fine motor skills through building games (cubes and wooden toys), and practicing sports movements as well.

Intellectual Field

Learning to understand and perceive the physical world and the real life that a child will encounter in their life stages.

creative field

Develop talents in various fields, such as: art, writing, reading, and sports of all kinds.

Emotional Field

Develop the child’s self-awareness, self-confidence, and ability to deal with feelings and perceive things.

In our platform, we satisfy the curiosity of the child,
as it was found that everyone who receives pre-school education increases his academic achievement by 20% more than those who do not receive this education

Providing the child with the meaning of “the value of time”, order and discipline; To avoid chaos in his later life.
• On our platform, we offer bedtime stories and stories, which the child follows later in his day. Bedtime tales have great importance and impact on children’s development, and it is also one of the most important solutions to correct children’s behavior by directing the story to a meaning that we want to convey to the child without him feeling.

• Set aside time to practice reading with the child.
• Investing in the child’s passion for colorful pictures, and getting to know them; To be aware of what is going on around him.
• Stories of fiction, animals, public morals and scientific stories related to the experiences that the child is going through.

• Coloring and drawing, tracing games, numbering, completing pictures, and shapes.

• Teaching simple arithmetic principles (addition and subtraction).

• Practicing hobbies such as sports and singing.