A portal that distinguishes children aged 3 to 6 years, throughout having and passing by a unique and exceptional experience, where their learning is based on having fun and building their personalities as well as the values and behavioral foundation. The adopted curriculum is an “International School Curriculum”, which is bilingual, comprising 70% of English and 30% of Arabic.

We provide a unique teaching experience, where we work by all the means to develop their skills and competencies taking into consideration all the aspects (Linguistic, mathematical, emotional, motor and cognitive), without neglecting to motivate them to reach the aspired objectives and goals. We work hardly to train them n skills and principles that belong to the six basics that are:

  1. Calculus;
  2. Language;
  3. Sciences;
  4. Emotional and social concepts ;
  5. Arts ;
  6. Strengthening their small and big muscles.

The service of the directed and secure learning of our children is done when they are within our locals in our centers or online, through interactive virtual classes in Arabic and in English, with the presence of discussion groups with their friends as well as a private account for each child and another account for the parent, so as to be able to supervise him and check his learning through the electronic website and the application.

All this without forgetting the constant and continuous motivation of the child to develop, achieve and succeed, so that we see him in the future in the best and the noble positions and leadership places.


  • Achievement
  • Justice
  • Cooperation

Our approach

In Marvels bilingual, we adopt an International Preschool Curriculum, through which we develop the child’s skills via being aware of all the aspects of the child: linguistic, arithmetic, emotional, kinetic and cognitive.

Our activities

  • Spelling activity;
  •  Small trader activity;
  • Overnight activity
  • 100-day activity;
  • Units’ activities;
  • Educational trips;