To make “Rawaii” the First in the field of learning by entertainment, personal building and value-building and behavior in our children all over the world.
Providing a fun targeted and safe learning service for our children during their hours in our centers or online.






Our approach:

In Marvels bilingual, we adopt an International Preschool Curriculum, through which we develop the child’s skills via being aware of all the aspects of the child: linguistic, arithmetic, emotional, kinetic and cognitive.

Educational Platform


Our valued customers  Peace be upon you and ALLAH’s mercy and blessings  Marvels bilingual curriculum will be launched via the Special Edunation platform

The platform enables your child to

  • Direct communication with his teacher;
  • Full interaction with his class mates and getting to know them in a secure and observed atmosphere;
  • A variety of means of receiving all educational means available globally, as well as the latest technical equipment;
  • All content materials are recorded and the child can replay the material and review it any hour of the day;
  • In Marvels Audio library, the material, including our special stories, are read by the teacher’s voice, and the student can keep and hear them as bedtime stories;
  • A Marvels child can have access to the platform directly as soon as the app is downloaded after registration and the child touches the avatar;
  • There is an alert for the child and his parent, indicating the schedule of the direct classes on a daily basis;
  • Our goal and content is attractive, elaborated and prepared by the best international companies to design platforms and to develop appropriate approaches for the mental and time age of the Marvels child, and therefore the child will be keen to follow the content himself, without the intervention of the parents;
  • The parent of the child downloads the application with a special own account, to enable him to communicate directly with the supervisors of the platform and provide him with all the updates.

To register in our electronic platform

Monthly subscription

91.94 $

SAR345 1 Month

To register on the online platform, please follow up on the WhatsApp number


Marvels’ centers promise to provide a unique, innovative and attractive platform communication service that achieves the desired results.

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